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A Solution to Engineering Needs
One of the Company in Kenya for Manufacturing of SS Tankers,Tanks,All types of Piping ,Instalations,Erections,Cladding & Insulation,Kitchen Equipment,Electricals, etc

Real Metal !
Real Steel !
Real Engineering !
Why Not You to Get Great Things That works perfect with Great Life.
The Great Solution For Great Ideas are Here.
Lush Engineers are Here  to Engineer What
You Want to be Engineered.

Need Quality Services In Engineering!:
Lush Engineers are here for you , The Company Thats Provides Services internationally and locally.

Our Programs:
1.Empowering Value
2.Providing Quality Services

Three Engineers
There are three engineers in a car going for a drive. The first is a mechanical engineer, the second an electronics engineer and the third is a software engineer.
Fortunately, the mechanical engineer is driving because the brakes fail as they are going downhill. The mechanical engineer eventually brings the car safely to a halt and gets out to examine the hydraulic systems.
The electronics engineer gets out and checks the body computer, ABS system and the power train CAN bus.
The software engineer stays in the car and when queried about it says that they should all just get back in the car and see if it happens again!
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Lush Engineers Services

Lush Engineers Website

Lush Engineers Website

No One Engineering Company in Kenya !!! Real Metal !Real Steel !Real Engineering !Why Not You...

  • Lush Engineers Website

    Lush Engineers Website